Tuesday, May 24, 2005

An email from a friend

Chris, I came across this quote in the New York Times
and, frankly, was shocked. I suppose I shouldn't have
been, but I've never seen the connection made so
blatantly between capitalism and Christianity - as
opposed to "anti-business" socialism?? What are your
thoughts? Would you be willing to share the quote with
other Christian friends for comment?

"Evangelical Christians have to be extremely cautious
about supporting any group that would sympathize with
a socialist or communist philosophy or world view,
which is completely in conflict with an Evangelical or
Christian world view."

Hmmmm ...

-Rev. Rob Schenck
-Faith and Action Christian Lobby Group, Wash. DC
-New York Times, 10 May 05

I also heard the representative of a Christian
organization comment, concerning efforts elsewhere in
the US to make crimes against gays Hate Crimes, that
this and other goals of the Civil Rights movement were
had over-stepped their bounds and were destroying
Christian values (blacks rights?!)

(I forgot to write down the title of the first article
- I'll get it for you. And I get an exact quote and
source for the second as soon as I can.)

This seems not surprisingly product of the
Conservative/ Christian union. At the same time so
grossly a perversion of Jesus' teachings!

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