Saturday, May 28, 2005

Yar! So much to do, so little time

I finished writing one of my two final essays. It started out being about Isidore of Seville (first Christian Encyclopedist) and ended up being about Neo-platonism and Nietzsche. Here is my conclusion:
The rejection of Ireland, Scotland, and Turkey as being genuinely European all have something to do with how Isidore’s worldview shaped Europe’s view of itself. McPharson’s wanting to enter the closed literary canon of Europe could in some way be connected with Isidore’s reliance on Neo-platonism, though the case for this is weak and the issue itself is more complex. Nietzsche is definitely reacting against Isidore’s way of thinking by attacking systems of value that are derived from the non-empirical. He is in some ways attacking the entire system of Europe and the West that emphasizes morals built off abstracts. Some of his other work also attacks order and logic. All that is left of the European idea is expansion.

So I have a sermon tomorrow, and it hasn't been written! Preaching tomorrow! Yarrr! And after that I still have a 15 page paper about the Binding of Isaac in the book of Jubilees. Yarr!

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