Monday, July 04, 2005

Blasphemous bells

"Have you heard the bell cry out?"
"What do you mean Pastor?"
"I mean have you heard it blaspheme, say uncooth things as it rings?"
"No. I have not."
The Pastor laughed, "Sure you have, daily… or at least every Sunday. It shouts sinful things, that is its entire point."
"I don’t understand," said the parishioner.
"Only because you don’t pay attention. That bell is saying things that should shock the sensible. Really, its toll is sensational if you stop and listen… really listen, on those Sundays, and you realize how impossibly uncooth the bell is."
The Parishioner looked up, and noticed there was no bell in the tower, and said, "You are talking about something else aren’t you?"
"Yes," the Pastor agreed, "I speak by way of analogy, so that, ‘those with ears shall not hear’."

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