Sunday, August 28, 2005

I leave in the morning

I'll be in Jolly Old England by Tuesday morning.
Also, before I leave I'd like to address the folk who left the post about the ELCA being the Democratic party.
Piss off.
Sorry, practicing my English. What I ment to says was...
I left myself open for that, with the Jesus Republican link along with my stuff about Globalization and the IMF. From now on I'll try to keep links and comments about the non-internet world seperate unless they are related.
That said I think considering root reasons for poverty is part of our mission as Christians, that said as some of you know I'm experimenting intellectually with the Samizdata folk and their extreme free market ways. Still I thought the Presbyterian fellow's (Rick Uffsomething) presentation showed the missionaries who are going to the 2/3rd's world why some of the people they will be serving are poor, and that it doesn't have so much to do with them being "uneducated" "lazy" or anything like that, but in fact many poor desisions by 3rd world leaders in the 70's and 80's involving borrowing money at a non-fixed rate have hurt their people.
Also, another interesting thing Rick talked about was how we as church need to be church everywhere, including in the dessert with Illegal immigrants AND with much of Christianity that considers us a bunch of liberal wackos. Basicly they need to take our call to fighting poverty at it's heart seriously and we need to take their call to end abortions seriously. We need to do more than just agree to disagree, but in fact be one body of Christ.
I have a lot more to say, but I still need to re-pack.
Peace and Love to all!

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