Tuesday, November 08, 2005

epiphanies of the morning

Some of my best ideas, and some of my worst, come to me while showering. This morning I was thinking of religion and politics (no surprise) and I had a thought, what would Paul's way of dealing with foreign policy be? My initial thought is that he gives no answer to that question. The second answer I thought of is that his views of the relationships between people can be made roughly analogous to relationships between nations. So if you have a problem first go to the person you have a problem with, then go to other, and so on.
My second epiphany is that the differance between "New Age" stuff and Mysticism proper is that New Agers refuse to let the self disappear.
Also I'm reading two new books 1 is "The Changing Faces of Jesus" by Geza Vermesh, which contains GV's views the Historical Jesus. The other is "The World Hitler Never Made" which is a history of people writing alternative histories about Nazi Germany.

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kd said...

Dude... WAY too much time on your hands. You need something (or someone) else to think about. :)