Monday, November 03, 2008

Vote Vote Vote

Well, folk by now know I want Obama to win and encourage you to vote for him tomorrow morning. I just want to take a second and review this hyper-extended-election-season(tm).
Of all the Democrats I wanted Bill Richardson to win. In the primaries I endorsed him, Obama, Ron Paul, and yes John McCain. (So I should just be happy that two of my guys made it... meaning we won't torture people once Bush leaves office!) I included Obama along with Bill Richardson because of Andrew Sullivan's article that first turned me onto him. Bill Richardson dropped out before PA had a chance to vote. So I worked hard for Obama in the primaries. When McCain picked Palin I got a bit spooked and went hyper partisan. And more recently I got my pants torn off at the Obama rally.
That's about it really. Just get out there and vote! Tomorrow is a huge day.

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