Tuesday, August 04, 2009

My alma mater angers O'Reilly

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Sean-Ryan King said...

I wish that I could just laugh at O'Reilly, but the fact is that the culture of the U of O is pretty biased against republican ideology. I heard of very few professors that could be considered conservative, especially in the sociology and polysci departments, and that leads to many students really only seeing one side in a fair light.

That said, I also agree with what the guy in the middle said about how liberals tend to stick around in academia and conservatives lean more towards the private sector. I just think that using that as a defense might be confusing the chicken for the egg.

PS: This is the second time in my memory that the Factor railed against U of O- less than four years ago, O'Reilly made a big deal out of an issue of the Student Insurgent that had a picture of Jesus on the cross with an erection. The Insurgent obviously had nothing of content to say about religion and was only out to piss people off, and being on national TV seemed to only justify their actions.