Sunday, April 18, 2010

April 18th Prayers

We pray Lord, for this church—for St. John’s, may our ministries mirror your calling to the cruciform life—may our communal life reflect your light. LIYMHOP
We lift up our Health and Wellness committee—especially those who served this community in our food pantry, may those who look upon them see you. LIYMHOP
We pray too Lord for the Delaware/Maryland Synod. We pray for interim Bishop Sneider and as we proceed to pick a new Bishop we pray, “Come Holy Spirit, come!” LIYMHOP
As you prayed for your followers “that all may be one,” we too pray that we might be one and in that oneness your message of love, mercy, compassion, and justice might save the soul of this world. LIYMHOP
We commend Park Heights into your care—that it might be healed of social strife and decay. Strengthen neighbors in purpose and concern for one another. Create here a community of mutual trust and peace. LIYMHOP
We pray too for the victims of violence in Waverly. Strengthen that community to face their tragedy. LIYMHOP
We lift up all the leaders in this city, this state, this nation, and this world. May those entrusted with power serve all citizens. Drive from them cynicism, selfishness, and corruption, grant them honesty and humility. LIYMHOP
We remember with the people of Poland the passing of their president and so many of their leaders. Hold them tight in this, their time of need. LIYMHOP
We remember too all those toiling through economic hardships and trapped by economic trouble. Especially Lord those who hunger, those who are unemployed or underemployed, and those without adequate housing. LIYMHOP
We ask that you would send wisdom and discernment to all who wonder what is next in their life and who look forward with trepidation instead of trust. LIYMHO
Lord, we pray for those who suffer at the hands of loneliness, abuse and neglecte. LIYMHOP
For those oppressed by addiction and humbled by sickness of mind, body, and soul. LIYMHOP
At this time we lift up the names of all for whom we pray: LIYMHOP (JC Amen)
The peace of the Lord be with you all.

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