Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Central Things

As some of you know I’ve been creating a prayer book—the intention of which is to move the 7 central things of worship out into the rest of the world, stretching Sunday out into the rest of the week.
Imagine a group of people who focus their lives on being community, fostering forgiveness, reflecting on their vocations in light of God’s love for us, rooting themselves in God’s Word, cultivating a thankful heart, sharing Christ’s grace at table, and being people in the world that are salt and light for the sake of the world.

Here are a few brief maxims to reflect on:
To Gather in community requires being self-outside-of-self.
To Confess and Forgive one another requires humility.
To remember our Baptism is to both forget and re-member our other callings.
To engage with the Word is to make relative the world for its own sake.
To give Thanks is to be aware of the source of all that is good.
To Eat together the body of Christ is to become what we are.
To be Sent is to be in the world as it is and as it shall be.

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