Thursday, November 14, 2013

Read, Reflect, Pray: A Lutheran Prayer Book, update

       The Kindle edition of Read, Reflect, Pray is selling like hot cakes. It is currently ranked number 28 in the Electronic Prayer Books Section. In fact, I’m beating the Book of Common Prayer, which is currently ranked at number 30.
       But there is a problem. Read, Reflect, Pray doesn’t lend itself to the Kindle Format. Specifically, there aren’t pages in the Kindle Edition in the same way as a physical copy.
       If you’ve bought a Kindle copy you should bookmark each of the daily sections in both the prayer half as well as the meditation half. Then it will function just as well as a physical of Read, Reflect, Pray.
       So, bookmark Locations 77, 101, 159, 225, 306, 387, 515, 583, 682, 779, 936, 1027, 1113, and 1173.
       Hope that helps loyal readers!

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