Monday, July 17, 2017

Please get HR2642, the Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act, out of Subcommittee

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that people connected to my church were deported to Indonesia, where their lives are now in danger because they have 2 strikes against them, they are ethnically Chinese and Christian.
Below are the names and phone numbers of the members of this subcommittee:

Chairman Raul Labrador(ID-01):                (202) 225-6611
                                                                        (208) 667-0127
Ranking M. Zoe Lofgren(CA-19)  (202) 225-3072
                                                                        (408) 271-8700
Lamar Smith(TX-21)                           (202) 225-4236
                                                                        (512) 912-7508
Luis Gutierrez(IL-04)                         (202) 225-8203
                                                                        (773) 342-0774
Jim Sensenbrenner(WI-05)          (202) 225-5101
                                                                        (262) 784-1111
Pramila Jayapal(WA-07)                                  (202) 225-3106
                                                                        (206) 674-0040
Jim Jordon(OH-04)                              (202) 225-2676
David Cicilline(RI-01)                        (202) 225-4911
Ken Buck(CO-04)                                  (202) 225-4676
Mike Johnson(LA-04)                        (202) 225-2777
Andy Biggs(AZ-05)                                (202) 225-2635

Please call them and encourage them to move HR2642, the Indonesian Family Refugee Protection Act forward for a vote. Remind them:
1.     The lives of those we deport are in danger. We are sending these Christians to a life of persecution and the possibility of death. This bill will keep them safe.
2.     We resettled these folk incorrectly in the 1990’s, it is our fault that they can not seek asylum. We forced them to overstay their visas. This bill fixes our mistake.
3.     These folk did everything right, they’ve been here for decades as model refugees—now they are being forced into hiding for the sake of staying with their children. It doesn’t need to be that way, America is better than this.
Again, there is so much going on in the world today I am deeply thankful to anyone willing to put in a few minutes of phone time to protect these people, maybe even saving a few lives in the process.


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