Saturday, June 11, 2005


Footnotes added on the occasion of Kyla’s 21st Birthday
By Chris Halverson

THE stress, of the shift, of the blue back of the black bird flashes (2)
A snap, through the twelve titans at attention, clothed in rumpled brown (3)
Their green swords are bowed low, a procession of swordsmen
Branches inviting in second

TWO old and new mirror dogs(4) kneel (5)
At the granite feet of the bridegroom’s marriage arches (6)
Three synoptic squires(7) , brothers, chatter in the afterglow
After them, one monolith, states aloud, what the three euphemized in private (8)

WHAT, even low, the groundsman has greater glories than the titans (9)
He dwells with punchy grey squirrels (10), full of faith (11)
He bows lower still, to press ahead
What is dying for a day, three, a month, ten, or even a year (12)

HE (13) continues ahead, ahead, here, and then
Where are the graves, sepulcher?
All that remains, concrete squares
Empty (14)

1. This poem was written while walking through the graveyard across the street. I saw things; they connected with biblical things extremely well.
2. The Black Bird is Christ. The three years of his known ministry is a flash compared to the time after his death. It was an ineffable flash that caught the attention of the whole world.
3. The twelve titans being the twelve disciples of Christ.
4. Upon writing this I had not noticed that the “dogs” were really lambs.
5. The Old Testament and the New, two documents that face, and mirror, one another.
6. The Bridegroom being Christ.
7. The Synoptic Gospels, Mt. Mk. Lk.
8. The Gospel of John, which is much more explicit about many things about Christ, such as his divinity etc.
9. This is Paul, who ended up, having more influence than the disciples.
10. Goyim
11. Faith not works etc.
12. His first letter is about this subject, people dying before the return of Christ.
13. This is a different he, the Church universal, the church of these present ages.
14. Oh no, I’m being weird and mysterious. Am I talking about the “rapture,” or am I talking about Churches being empty, or am I talking about the epiphany of the empty tomb?

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