Saturday, August 21, 2010

Old friends leave, new friends come

Well, I have cleared out my blog roll some. Goodbye Dr. John’s Fortress. And by goodbye, I really mean goodbye. Look back at the last post. The last words Dr. John blogged were " Life Goes On Anyway!"
As for “The Happy Couple” AKA Random Intolerance I’m going to miss them too. Dan was sort of my LCMS/WELS doppelganger back when blogs were scary and new and Lutheran blogs were non-existent. The only time I’ve physically been in Random Dan’s presence was at he and Intolerant Elle’s got hitched up in Anchorage Alaska.

Hello to “Esther” the better half of the Evangelical/Lutheran axis of social justice and multi-cultural ministry forming somewhere between Baltimore, Philly, and New York.
Hello to Future Hope, the Sci-fi/faith blog run by Kevin and his brother Craig, both out of Eugene Oregon.
Hello to Mockingbird, the heavily Lutheran-esque, and heavily pop-culture laden, work of Todd Brewer and David Zahl—some relation to my friend Simeon Zahl.

A brief update about your friendly neighborhood Lutheran. I am back in Philadelphia after a wonderful/challenging/growing year in Baltimore preaching The Damn Gospel (registered trademark of LTSP), learning at the feet of a brilliant hyper-intentional supervisor, and figuring out what it means to live into my pastoral identity.
I have moved into a third floor apartment on campus and am currently working on my approval essay.
Chris AKA Luthermatrix