Tuesday, August 09, 2005

By the way there is going to be a Lutheran Carnival

My Bio for my mission

Turns out I was one of a list of irrisponsible Lutherans who forgot to send a Bio to the ELCA. I whiped one up rather quick... I think it is kind of cleaver.

Chris is a Religious Studies and History graduate from the University of Oregon. This coming year he will be at St. Mark’s College in Northern Essex, England teaching children about Trampolining, Archery, and Jesus.
When not plotting to become a second Robin Hood with the use of his legion of bow wielding British children, Chris enjoys, (and is infuriated by) trying to write the great American novel before he’s graduates Seminary, squeezing the last few drops of ruckus fun out of Eugene before he flies off to jolly old England, trying to keep cool at the co-op he lives at in spite of no AC and 100 degree weather, and reading as much good literature as he can before his bookcase is shipped off to his parents in Wyoming.

The great love poets are made, not born

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Constant Gardener

This looks like it will be good, it was done by the same person who did City of God!