Thursday, July 21, 2005


Hey all. This is your friendly neighborhood Lutheran here. I’m off to England on the 22nd of August. I can now tell you a little more about my placement now. I will be going to St. Mark’s College (here is its website: ) There I will be something like a combination Youth Minister, handy man, and Archery Instructor.
All the money for my mission needs to be into Central Lutheran by the 1st of August. If you would like to help out the address to send it to is:
attn: Cynthia ShallenbergerCentral Lutheran Church1857 Potter StreetEugene Oregon 97403-1366
Make the checks payable to Central Lutheran and write "YAGM in the UK" on the memo line of the check.
Thanks in advance for all of your support.
If you want to be on my email list to get updates about what I’m doing send me an email indicating you want updates!

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


So, I'm passing the torch. Kevin my catholic buddy is taking over D+D when I leave for england. In fact now he has the email list! Passing trhe torch is always fun!
Here were the questions for this week (6 and 7 were me):

1)Is Religion opium for the masses?
2)What were Jesus' true values?
3)What should be done with the body after death? Is the body important after death?
4)What is the role of the enlightenment in Western religion? Is it positive or negative?
5)How important are the differences between the Christian denominations? Are we called to action to try to heal the many rifts within the faith?
6)What is the place of the Church in healing of the body, mind, and spirit?
7)What is the place of biblical historians within the interpretation of scripture? If they are important does that lesson the egalitarian thrust of the reformation?

D+D was a bit sparse tonight, just Kev. and I. We mostly talked about 3-5, emphesis on 4.
I don't know how I feel about the enlightenment. It is a tricky double edged thing, on one hand it made all things possible, on the other hand IT MADE ALL THINGS POSSIBLE. Kev thought we are more alienated now, I pointed out the enlightenment brought freedom of assembly, the community of ideas, and the downfall of kingship. I thought people were pretty alienated when they were all serfs. Still I conceded knowing one's place in society instead of having to find value on one's own has a certain Confusian comfort to it. I concluded that I didn't know if the enlightenment was positive or negative. On one hand it seemed to lean toward egalitarianism, each person his own priest pope and bishop, but on the other hand it can lean toward each person his own God.
When it came to disposal of bodies I argued that if sinue can be wrapped back onto bodies ashes can be reconstitued as well. Then we got sidetracked onto a point about utilitarianism, going from being an organ doner to canibalism/dogfood.
With quesztion 5 I thought ecumenicism without compromise of belief was the best, though I'm still not sure exactly how one can do that.

Word of the day

adiaphora- neither prescribed or prohibited by God in His Word. Hat tip to Balaam's Ass.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

And it begins

A UCC church in Virginia has been targeted because of the UCC's stance on homosexuality.
There is a place to send money to help that historic church.

Catchy communion hymn

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