Saturday, July 10, 2004

Cute site by the meta-lutherans

Woke up to a tornado here in Fargo ND

Dad poked me and the pup on Nancy, my Godmother's couch. Hung out in the basement a while, came back up, then had to go down in the basement again. Things turned out okay. Surrounded by two Saint Bernards, one is a pup, Baby (my 8 pound Yorky-Poo)tried to bite it, bad move on her part.
By the by, here is the latest casualty comparison between Iraq and Vietnam
Anyways, I've been reading ever single short story by Kafka, man, he is good. Using strange situations/narrators as metephors for anxieties of his generation. I'm thinking of trying that, either a sci-fi parody that paralells Voltaire's Candide or a story about the Exodus, but actually about the lack of continuity and connection in my generation. Still, I have to write my "Gospels" sometime.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004


Well. Lot's happened since I last blogged. Saw John Kerry again, this time in MN. Also, now I've seen all the Seminaries on my list, and only two remain. Wartburg and Chicago. They are basicly at the opposite ends of the spectum in most every way.
Wartburg is little, community based, almost monastic
Chicago is urban, multicultural, and very acedemic
Here is my thought though, if I can't decide between the two I will go to Luther in Saint Paul since it is a happy medium between the two, the best of both worlds if you will.