Monday, November 17, 2003

Here is a quote that I think fits the mood of the country right now.
This is from Aeschylus' Agamemnon
"While through the streets of Argos
Grief yet more grievous grows,
With all our manhood gathered
So far from earth of Hellas;
As in each home unfathered,
Each widowed bed, the whetted
Sword of despair assails
Hearts where all hope has withered
And angry hate prevails.
They sent forth men to battle,
But no such men return;
And home, to claim their welcome,
Come ashes in an urn."

Sunday, November 16, 2003

Hey, here is the latest. My attempt at apocalyptic writing.

Locke’s Apocalypse to the Democratic Underground
In biblical teminology, an "apocalypse" is not an event, but a "revelation" that is recorded in written form:
1. it is a piece of crisis literature that “reveals” truths about the past, present, and/or future in highly symbolic terms;
2. the revelation often comes in dreams or visions, and usually needs to be interpreted with the help of an angel;
3. it is usually intended to provide hope and encouragement for people in the midst of severe trials and tribulations.
1. of, characterized by, derived from, or relating to the principles of democracy
2. upholding or favouring democracy or the interests of the common people
3. popular with or for the benefit of all
1 occurring, situated, used, or going below ground level
example: an underground tunnel
example: an underground explosion
2 secret; hidden
example: underground activities
3 a space or region below ground level
4 a a movement dedicated to overthrowing a government or occupation forces, as in the European countries occupied by the German army in World War II
b (as modifier)
example: an underground group
5 [often preceded by the] an electric passenger railway operated in underground tunnels
U.S. and Canadian equivalent: subway
6 [usually preceded by the] a any avant-garde, experimental, or subversive movement in popular art, films, music, etc.
b (as modifier)
example: the underground press
example: underground music

1Locke a man under the power of this current madness, a seeker of justice and truth. To those beloved on the Internet, those oppressed like me, and to all those yearning for freedom.
2Enoch came to me and said, “Here this, you, and all the earth.”
And I said, “what is this that I am hearing?”
And this is what he revealed to me, saying, 3“See, make through the darkness, come through the bitter times.”
4And then I arose, called up and caught upon a tile of flame that flew upon breath. It was the voice of angels and other heavenly things. I passed through the various levels of heaven, seeing the lesser and the greater beings, viewing the lesser as well as the greater things.
In this journey I saw more than can be written in any book. I saw things from this present age, things to come, and those things that have already passed.
I went to write all this down, but Enoch was with me, he was the tile, and he turned to me, saying, “Surely your eyes have touched more thing than can be written in a book?”
“What then should I do?” I asked him.
5He said to me, “There are things you have seen, and will see, which are not to be written down, but there are things which are to be written down, and things which are to be told through the ages.”
He was silent, so I asked, “Then what do I write Enoch?”
1And he said, “These things that you see now, at this very moment. These shall you write down.”
So, at that very moment I saw these things which I am writing to you.
2There were twelve years of darkness. The poor were ground under foot, and people cried out in pain. The rulers for these years were called the Greater and Lesser Emperors, and their land was called the Empire.
3Then a man, like a giant wolf, tame, but dangerous, overthrew the Lesser Emperor. He was a good ruler; he ruled justly and was a friend of all. These were the eight prosperous years. 4But there were those of the Empire that plotted against the Great Wolf. They howled and moaned, nipping at his heels.
5And after this I saw the Wolf lay down and rest. A man from the Wolf, but not the Wolf, got up. He was beloved by the nations, and called a Man of Hope. He was to rule in place of the Wolf.
6The Son of the Empire arose from the heat of hell. He called out in a loud voice for the blood of the Wolf’s second, the Man of Hope. The One Who Owns, that is the one who is like a second to the Empire’s Son, but is in fact the first, told the Empire’s Son,
“Hide your face from the people, or they will surely flock to the one the Wolf has chosen, the one who is beloved by the nations. 7Fear the Man of Hope, for he offers progress, which we do not have.”
8And that is how the Son of the Empire put on the guise of compassion.
9The two powers, the Son of the Empire, with his face veiled with falsehood, and the Man of Hope, struggled, and fought. They struck mighty blows upon one another.
10A shrew came to the Son of the Empire and said, “The people, they are like deaf men. You may be empty, but if you appear full they will not know the difference.”
11So they continued to fight. The blue and red bled upon one another.
12At this point a bird, bleeding blue, came to me and said, “Hark Locke, to the South the battle was lost. By taunt and trick did we lose the day? Yes, that is how. Cry sorrow, sorrow, yet let good prevail.”
13I said to him, “Surely not. But it was true, the Man of Hope disappeared, his face covered with fur and failure.
1Then I saw the nation. They laughed at the Empire’s Son, but he was a crueler joke still, for the One Who Owns was pulling strings and shaking worlds. He plotted and planned with the Century of Empire.
2The Son of Empire was falling, he looked a fool and was a fool. Then, oh why. Through a plume of smoke, the falling of the Great Towers was the fool reborn. The Great Nation bowed down to the Son of Empire. They worshipped Empire’s Child.
1As the nations worshipped the false one he came to the dungeon that the Wolf had sealed up.
2The Son of Empire came to me and said, “See this, see this oh Locke?”
I shrunk away from him, but he called again, “See this? Do you see this oh Locke?” 3And I said, “Why, yes I do. The horrors of the twelve years are behind those doors.”
4“Yes they are,” he said.
Then he slammed his fist upon the door. Out came a lion, with gnashing teeth like swords. From his mouth came steel wasps, which cut down the children and peoples outside the Great Nation now Empire.
5This lion roamed across the seas, leaping upon a nation and devouring it.
6“Ah, but it is still hungry,” cried the Child of Empire, and sent it out again to Babylon.
7Again he smashed his fist upon the gate. This time a caustic mist came out.
“Go, devour the planet for profit and greed,” he said.
“I shall,” said the mist.
8The mist floated above the Great Nation. It ripped trees from the ground, and cried out, “Clean air. Clean air.” It filled the lungs of young and old alike.
9Again the Child of Empire rattled the gate with his hand. Out came a bloated unclean animal. It went to every house that did not have the mark of green upon its door. Those that had the mark of green were passed over. It cried out, “Poor. Poor. Feed the rich some more.”
1Then some of the Blue Ones rallied against these things. But their champion fell.
2The rally became a dirge and ended at a dried up stone well. The Blue Ones were defeated smashed to the ground and became a pile of dust.
3But from this dust was formed a New Creature. It had nine horns, then ten, then nine again. It smelled the blood of the Child of Empire and struck him. 4But the New Creature also struck itself, horn scraped against horn.
Then news of horror came from the blue land to the west. A man, foreign born and plated with steel, whose eyes glowed red, attacked their inept king and won.
5These were dark times.
1Then the bird came again, this time healed. He brought with him news from a land to the South, famed for their beaded parties. He said, “Locke.”
2“Yes?” I replied.
3He tweeted a happy tune, “There is a woman, who is blue, and has brought victory to our cause.”
4When I heard this I rejoiced.
5The New Creature with nine horns appeared before me. It was like a snake molting. The horns fell off, until I saw the creature for what it was. It was a Puma, one like the Man of Hope, yet with the smile of the Wolf. Beside him stood one of the horns, a White Horse, unblemished and good.
6Again I rejoiced. The Puma stalked the Son of Empire, dodging his arrows and the Shrew’s nets. When the time was right he and the White Horse galloped forward, and he pounced upon the Son of Empire. Red blood flew everywhere.
7A bird came to me, missing its right wing. It said, “See the dungeon is once gain filled, for the Puma has recaptured those thing that are evil. And look. The nations around us show respect, and I am at peace.”
8These are thing things I have seen. Rejoice, for the time of trouble will end. I know not the day or the hour, but the pain of this time is coming to an end.
9So send this news out, to all the ends of earth. Shout from the rooftops that the Son of Empire is defeated. Shout with hope that peace will return. Empire shall once again become Great Nation.