Friday, November 12, 2004

Saw the Producers tonight on stage

It was amazing, Mel Brooks should have some sort of shrine somewhere (he may already have one if there is justice in this world). The actual musical scene was SO over the top it actually made me uncomfortable, just the shwasticas(sp) all over, the storm troopers dancing in hot pants, jeeze it was crazy.
Last word on it, any play that ends up having a dancer coated with pretzels and brotworsts is good in my book.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

It is resurrected!

I was pretty sure my little laptop was dead (7 years is a long life for one of those), so I hurried up and saved all the short stories etc from it, then low and behold it seems to be alive again, and we aren't just talking resuscitation!

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

The Questions

The Questions
How does time work, specifically in relation to resurrection?
If we claim God is multifaceted and unknowable how is it that humans know God?
In the Bible God does some really scary things, eg demand sacrifice, bless the people who "basheth the heads of the babe (or something to that effect), call for Xaram, that is the complete destruction of certain peoples. What do we do with said commands etc?
The worlds ends at 4PM Saturday, what’cha going to do about it?
Are there things about a person that are fundamental?
What is the soul? Does it exist? Is there a difference between soul and spirit?

They found Luther's lavatory

I must have missed this during the election, cool story, check it out.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

To clarify

I shaved my beards off and the hair off my head, contrary to what some may tell you I did not shave my head off.

Oh, there is something else I need to tell all of you

I shaved the beards off as well as my head. I look like a scrawny Bruce Willis. This was a week ago 2AM Wednesday morning, so I'm starting to get back a little bit of stubble.
If you want to see pictures email me

Monday, November 08, 2004

Cough, cough, Global Warming, cough

No more polar bears. The Polar Ice Caps are melting, Santa is going to be flooded, then the coasts... Wee...

Voter fraud?

A friend of mine emailed me this. If anyone is interested check it out.

-Hi Chris,
Thought you might be interested in seeing this. Don't know how much
foundational evidence there is backing this, but it's definitely
interesting and hopefully will be dealt harshly with if found to be
even the slightest bit true.-
"The word is that TV media is on a "lock down" and have been
instructed not to talk about this. The only exception is Keith
Olbermann of Countdown MSNBC who has taken up the story in his blog
and will be doing a story possibly on Monday or Tuesday. Let's keep
our fingers crossed that he gets this on the air.
Basically, there is hard evidence that corruption has went down
regarding voting procedures of the 2004 Presidential Election. I'm
going to copy the email sent to me by a friend, urging me to get this
message out:
Jeff Fisher -- a candidate for congress in FL has called the FBI
claiming he has conclusive proof that the election was fixed through
electronic voting machines in FL, how and who did it but he did
indeed call the FBI --
Three congressmen have sent a letter to the GOA asking for an
investigation into voting 'irregularities'
Statisticians from all over have been posting on blogs -- citing that
there are huge anomalies in the results from several states -- -- but
big time in Ohio and FL -- the main one being why every last exit
had Kerry winning and every last exit poll was wrong by the same
percentage in swing states with electronic voting --
There are three sites that are covering this story. You can visit
them to find out more:
I cannot stress the importance of getting this message out. We have
to get people talking about it and we have to hold our media
accountable for reporting the news. If you have a zine, run this
story. If you write for a paper, now is the time to make history. If
you have an email list of friends and family, copy this and send it
to them. The future of our nation is at stake. This man *must* be
held accountable for his crimes. It's high time we try our president
for something more than getting a blow job.
Make us proud. The world is laughing at us. Send this to *everyone*.
Thank you"
-That's what was sent to me by a friend whom I trust, it has been
going around now.
Talk to you later