Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Z's thoughts on Saddleback and Evil

I'm not a Road Warrior, I'm a Road Civilian

Well, I made it back to Philly a few days ago, it was a long drive, 20 something hours, first night in Duluth, second night in Lansing, third night home. I averaged 35 miles to the gallon, not bad considering I had a lot of junk in my trunk. ;)
The UP (Upper Peninsula) was beautiful, the Mackinaw Bridge was impressive, right up there with the Eiffel tower or the Bay Bridge... seriously, I thought it was that cool!
Also I noticed people REALLY don't go the speed limit. When on the toll roads I would go 10 miles over just to not get ran over by the folk going 20-30 miles over. So yes, truely I am no Road Warrior, but a Road Civilian.