Sunday, May 11, 2003

It is Mother's Day!
By Chris Halverson

WISPY hair, a swerving sapling sprung out, like a tumbling fawn
A greenling, ascending from a tender rough, brown with beauty
A flexed back-brace, a proud and loving mother, her femininity in bloom
Not in spite of a child, but because of it

THE sapling unfolds, crawling by way of the ground
The green stage, glossy there
A tingling of flowers upon earth and grass as
Mercy plays upon the chubby face of a singing child

THIS is cute and young, but later on, look up, through the brief canopy of blessing’s leaves
At the blue sky, as you would look at the stars, sapphires, acorns, and life lit yellow blazes, into onyx night
To see the sprinkles of turquoise speckles, freckles of intransitive beauty
A pinprick of context, a mythos of a child