Saturday, March 08, 2008

If the Democratic primaries were the real election Clinton would win

So I'm looking at this map and the projections there and plugged it into this electoral map. Hillary would win 280 to Obama's 230. That said in Democratic primaries delegates are awarded proportionally, so all this was was a thought exercise.

Only in Wyoming

The secret service had to confiscate Pistol Pete's pistol when Obama was at UW.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Wyoming matters!

It's pretty cool to see your own state, heck your own town, mentioned in national political news. We're all Iowans now!

Andrew Sullivan compares Clinton's style of politics to assassination

So I tend to like Ol' Sullivan, he's bright, conservative, and British. Yet, today he has decided Obama loosing because of Clinton's ugly political machine will be the same for my generation as Kennedy's death was to my parents generation.
I mean I'll be pretty darn pissed if dirty politics wins, but at least for me Obama's defeat isn't THAT big. Within four years, maybe eight, we may get another chance to get things right. After all in 2000 McCain's defeat was like the death of Captain America for some of us, in 2004 I shaved my head in mourning over Kerry's loss, but elections are elections, they gauge the will of the people in a particular time and place, they decide who runs what, they sometimes repudiate really good people for really dumb reasons, BUT that is different than the leader of the free world, followed by his brother and the figurehead of the civil rights movement, all being brought down by brutal violence. The bullet's finality gives a different message, it says even when you win you can't really win, we'll win even if it kills you! That kind of intimidation is much more brutal, more soul killing, more movement killing, than what Clinton is doing.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

An exciting contest I've entered

Whenever I can get a little bit of time together to just write about God it feels pretty darn good... amazing how Seminary sometimes actually seems to take time away from that kind of thing!
I'll keep you posted on the results of the contest.

If the election were held today

So here is a map of polls done in all 50 states. The Democrats win whichever candidate they bring out, but win more with Obama. Obama wins more traditionally "Red" states, whereas Clinton wins more of the "Blue" states. It looks like it would be a more traditional fight between McCain and Clinton; blue states stay blue red states stay red, and Clinton flips Arkansas. On the other hand Obama loses PA and NJ, kind of surprising, but makes up for it by winning the west.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

There was a short story about the 2000 election

I forget who wrote it, but the basic premise is that a man working for the Gore campaign falls in love with a woman working for the McCain campaign, once McCain fails the woman starts to work for Bush. The whole Florida thing happens, and the couple splits up over the sourness created by the “stolen” election.
I bring this up because I ran across this article in which a couple is divided over Obama and Hillary.