Saturday, February 16, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

A wonderful Sonnet

"All Works and all Societies are bad;
The Just shall live by Faith," he cried in dread.
And men and women of the world were glad
Who never trembled in their useful lives.
W. H. Auden
I'm currently reading a few chapters from a book by Marty Martin about a Lutheran understanding of wellness. I ran into this quote. I love it and hate it at the same time. The power and horror of Luther's understanding of our inability to Love God, is contrasted with a general ambivolence that some feel, not having experienced, perhaps thankfully, the same "dread" which pushed Luther to Christ's mercy.

Malcolm X and Mitt Romney

I was listening to “The Ballot and the Bullet” and at one point Malcolm quips “Don’t call Governor Wallace a Dixie governor; Romney is a Dixie governor.” He’s talking about Mitt Romney’s father!
I don’t know it just struck me as interesting.

The best possible night for Obama

First of all he won, and won big. Every contest he was in last night he won. These contests were around the country “from the west coast, to the gulf coast, to the heart of America” as Obama said last night.
Secondly none of the Republicans in the race swept the GOP races. Huck won a couple last night, this shows that there is dissatisfaction about the presumptive nominee McCain, and enough of it to actually translate into votes! It was also good, I would argue, that McCain won at least one of them, that blocks Hillary from saying “Well, look at what happened on the Republican side last night, the candidate that will NOT be on the ballot come the general election won. The same thing happened on our side, I’m the nominee, Obama is just a vanity candidate.”
And on a completely different note I’ve figured out why the South lost the Civil War, their cooking makes one too content and lethargic to go out into battle. At least that was my experience last night, I made some Crab Soup and some of the other Seminarians brought corn bread, etc. Yeah, by the time we were done for the night battle I could not!