Friday, February 10, 2006

A book to read "Miracle at Sant' Anna" by James McBride

I've been meaning to write about "Miracle at Sant' Anna" for a while. Then my mom came, then I had to write a newsletter, then I was at a confrence in London and now I have to give the book back to the library before they hunt me down and stake me to a church door (they actually used to do this to invading vikings (aka my relatiks from way back) in this area of England). I read it for my book club "Novel Approach" and was blown away. It is by James McBride, who happened to speak at the U of O's new students convocation when I was a Freshman!
"Miracle" is the story of a group of Buffolo soldiers in Italy who get seperated from their platoon and find themselves amongst the Italians, and with a little extra luggage, a small crazed Italian boy. It is a story of real fleshyness, yet filled with a certain spirit and even religion. It exposites the personal quirky faiths of each character then throws these ideals out into the reality of the world and see how they survive. McBride captures the accent and exact quality of Italy in a very profound way!
So, read Miracle at Sant' Anna!