Friday, June 01, 2007

The last formal hall

Tonight was my last formal hall at St. Eds. Nothing special, I ate with an Estonian, a German, a Tibetan, and a Portuguese. We argued whether the garnish on the pork was sea weed or asparagus... Then as I sipped Port outside the College I met the parents of a British Divinity guy. We talked about South Africa and how their son should not anger Muslim extremists with his work.
I realize this won’t be the norm when I go back to the states. I’ll no longer wear the gown, I’ll not be served by English butlers, I’ll no longer select the finest cheeses for my crackers. I’ll be in Philly chillin’ with a bunch of ELCAers.
These last two years in England have been pretty darn cool, but they are coming to an end, 12 days and my thesis is due, soon enough after that I’ll be back in Oregon as if none of this ever happened.
Yet it’s been good. I’ve seen my country from the outside, inside, right side, left side. I’ve experienced a culture where CCTV and Chavs are the norm. And it has happened, my time here has been more than some dream. Two years of my life have been infused with England, and I’m fairly happy about that!
You may not hear from me again until my thesis is done. If that is the case… Peace.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Philo and Plain reason

Sometimes I give short shrift to the basics of the reformation, specifically that scripture was encouraged to be read with a literal meaning and with plain reason.
Wait, I'm a literalist now and all that implies? Nah, not exactly, but if the Catholics of the time read the Bible in a way anywhere similar to how Philo of Alexandria did I'd be nailing thesis to all kinds of things.
As you might have guessed I'm writing up my Philo chapter right now.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Folks

So here's my parents. They are chilling with MTV stars and writing things with their bodies... Mom's on the first D dad's on the first E. Sigh, to be old and carefree.
Back to the Thesis!