Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Your Weekly Simul, week 6: A Case for Libertarianism

State controlled Feline Christian interaction

Privately chosen Feline Christian interaction

John 15--The New Chris Interpretation

So, this is my take on last weeks reading, Jesus' farewell discourse.
Here is some background on how I got here.

“God loves me as a parent loves a child, and I love you in the same way. I command you, love like that, after all, we are in that kind of loving relationship together.
I abide in the Father’s love, so I love you, laying down my life for you.
You abide in that love, so you love one another, even laying down your lives for one another.
I’ve said this that my joy may abide in you, completing your joy.
My command is this that you to love one another, laying down your lives for one another.
There is no greater love than this, to lay down your life for a friend. I lay down my life for you, my friends. You are friends so you love one another, even laying down your lives for each other.
You are not servants, you are friends. I make you friends because you have heard me as I hear the Father—we are together in this conversation.
I chose you, I started this relationship, not you. I appointed you and planted you like a vine, that you would be fruitful—bearing fruit that will last. The Father will give you whatever you ask for the task of loving fully.
I command that you love one another completely, so you may love one another.”