Saturday, October 04, 2008

The lie for which Palin must be punished

As some of my long time readers know Darfur is a big deal to me--stopping genocide is a big deal to me. In fact one of the main reasons I backed Richardson was his intense involvement in this issue. And so, during the debate when Palin said she'd pushed for divestment from Sudan as Governor of Alaska I was honestly impressed.
Unfortunately it turns out she did not push for divestment, in fact she tried to BLOCK divestment from Sudan.
In short, "The [Palin] administration killed our bill."
In addition McCain's wife holds 2 million dollars worth of investment in the Sudan.
I'm sorry but this truly can not stand.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Eviction suicide

This seemed pretty horrible, a 92 year old woman had her house foreclosed on and was going to be evicted. Instead of getting booted out she shot herself twice in the chest.

How Sarah Palin debates

What Sarah told me by email today

So for whatever reason I'm on Sarah Palin's email list. I think Barbara Cubin's campaign (Rep. Wy) gave my information to John Barasso's campaign (Sen. Wy) who gave it to Palin's campaign.
At any rate I recieved an email from her today telling me I need to send her money because Obama is using "shameful election tactics in Ohio" Their tactics? Same-day registration, and early voting. Neither of these are... um tactics.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Brilliant explaination of the market sent to me from my folks!

A friend's blog

So I like to talk about politics on my blog, some folk may have noticed. Well James here actually knows a little something about the subject. Check him out. Give him some L.Matrix love.