Saturday, December 03, 2005

Chapter two of "Days in the Cold" is up at Universalbones

This one is slightly more satire than sanguine, but only slightly.

My submission for the Alchera project

Have you ever seen that Mickey mouse movie, the one with him in a wizard’s robe, washing up the entrance of the wizard school or something. He makes the brooms, maybe they are mops, come alive and wash the place. Well, as a novice wizard I can tell you the flooding of a school is a small mistake to make. I nearly destroyed the world.
Now that I’ve caught your attention. Let’s start a little sooner, as my part in this is actually rather small otherwise.
When did I first know I was a magical? Last Christmas, a comet was grazing the night sky and I was contemplating the birth of Jesus.
"No such thing as a virgin birth… virgin conception maybe, birth by a virgin, sure… ‘virgin birth’…na."
With that comment to myself while sitting on the fire escape outside my flat a light shined in the sky. It was a comet, streaking against the darkness, a blazing white wax crayon smeared upon a very dark wood table. I smiled at the star, sipping from my cup of coco.
It grew, illuminating with the power of the half-moon bowing in the sky.
"Wow," I said, my breath puffing up into the air.
With that my ears popped, and the metal underneath me began to twist down. The whole fire escape shuttered. It was like gravity was pulling down on me, or into me.
It was bigger than the moon now, and as bright as a small sun.
"That’s not possible!" I said, "How…How on earth…"
With that the voice of my magical recruiter came to me from behind.
"Anything is possible. Anything."

Thursday, December 01, 2005