Saturday, July 30, 2005

Wonderful, yet painful, day

I went tubing with Kevin, some housemates, and some other folk. It was CRAZY. 3 minutes in my tube poppeed so I shared a tube with Kelly, one of the other tubers. It was crazy, at one point I got my leg caught between some rocks, which really hurt. My knees will be black and blue for a long time. (morning prayer tomorrow will be a little painful mayhap). After one extremely wild rapid I was described to look like "a drowned kitten." Kevin lost his glasses on this adventure (I lost mine as well, but they were sunglasses) so he was unable to drive Kyla to Portland to catch a plane tonight, so I drove them both to Portland and Kevin came back keeping me awake.
All in all a rather full day!

Friday, July 29, 2005

Characters contemplate mysticism

So one of my goals this summer is to write daily. Here is some sillyness.

"How high do you suppose he is?"
"The Author only knows. He’s never done this much Ganja before."
The holy man writhed on the ground, neck twitching, muscles bulging.
"I see it!"
"The Author… He’s… He’s a young man, trying to figure it out. We are an experiment to him. The Author lives out his selfhood in us!"
"Say more teacher"
"The Suffis are right. The Author looks at us, and we look at Him, and he fills us with Himself. We are little beaded pieces of glass, refined, reflecting the Author!"
And with that he fell to the ground, silent.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Famous Lutherans


Once upon a time I would travel to the United States. I would work hard there, sweeping Wal-Mart, or doing landscaping, or working at McDonalds. The Americans would give me sneering looks, spit on me occasionally, and the hicks with flag T-shirts would wave guns. Then things changed, I found work in Mexico at an American Auto factory. It was good you know, I was with my people, and I was paid well.
I hear there is another side of this story though, the Americans lost jobs, and they became more like us. It is the equalizing of all things. It is like the end of time. The valleys come up, the hills come down!

Weather where I'll be living

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Get rich quick in Iraq

So, you can buy Iraqi currency which is at an all time low, and assume it will become more valuable... Interesting.

Stuff about England

I got an email today about packing for england, and I found out some interesting stuff. The British don't wear white socks or tennis shoes.
That's my fact for the day.