Saturday, February 25, 2006

There is a new essay about democracy up at "The Foundation"

It is by the ever radical and ever Bible spouting Allen "Stonewall" Jackson.

Random bits from my February newsletter

"I perceive that we here, we TFG volunteers, have been forever marked out, forever changed by our time for God. We have come face to face with the world wide body of Christ in action. Like the patriarch Jacob we are wrestling with God in the night, and will come out of this limping, renamed, leaving for our respective countries, made into new people by our experiences, hardships, and relationships."

Teaching Children
Little androgynous faces
Face me, like cherubs
Yet louder, and less good at listening
Unlike those silent angels that we pray
Watch over us under the Divine auspices
And we too are called to a similar task
Watching over these cherubs
Facing us

My blog, cleaned up

As you can tell I've cleaned up my blog a bit, cut off the dead links, filed people in proper
categories (including moving some former Lutherans from the Lutheran column and putting a Lutheran who I didn't know was a Lutheran into the Lutheran column).
Check things out, I'd added some new links as well. If anyone wants to be added, taken off, etc just let me know.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I don't know how far my readership goes

But anyone who has Sam Brownback or Joe Biden as their Senator should be praising them for their creation of Resolution 383 which will call on NATO's getting involved in stopping the mess in Darfur. Also if your senators are Dick Lugar, Barack Obama, Chris Dodd, or Russ Feingold thank them for supporting and co-sponsoring resolution 383!
For the first time ever I'm feeling hopeful about Darfur's fate.

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Biographies… Is everyone insane?

It has been only recently that I’ve started reading biographies and autobiographies, but I’ve noticed a real trend in them. They make the person out to be loco in the cabesa! The sanest figures I’ve read about are St. Paul and Bill Clinton. Per their biographers; all of Emma Goldman’s philosophical ideas are attempts to compensate for her personal life, Tolkien created his world to regress to a point in his life when he was with his mom in the English countryside (an idealic place to be I might add), Jung and Freud were both just plain nuts and anti-semetic and anti-aryian respectively, and Rousseau by his own admission was a pervert.
In short I’m seriously asking is that the point of the genre of biography to prove that someone is nuts? Or is it more the case that the biographer wants to say something new? Or is it just that if one analyses the totality of someone else’s life their inconsistencies are quite glaring? Or even are all great people, all those who seriously impact the world, a little off kilter?