Thursday, July 20, 2006

With your mission coming to a close, what's next?-ZL

Thanks for asking. I’ll be flying into Eugene Oregon to see my friends there and give a presentation about my mission. Then I’ll fly into Cheyenne Wyoming, go to a friend’s wedding, preach the next day, and give a presentation about my mission. Then a week after that I go down to Denver for my Candidacy Committee meeting. Then I fly to Anchorage Alaska and spend some time with my parents. Then we take a 56-hour car ride to Minnesota for a heart check-up, and then I fly back to England on to start a Master of Philosophy of Divinity degree in Cambridge! My thesis is tentatively about Genesis chapter 22, the Binding of Isaac.
PS it's HOTTT here in England. Being out in the sun isn't too fun. I've become a "redneck" in the most literal sense.