Friday, February 27, 2004

After my review of The Passion last night I think I need to rate it.
Three stars out of Four.
It was worth seeing, but if it was not for the subject matter and the personal connection to the story I would have rated this movie a lot lower. Thing is this WAS a passion play, and a very good on at that. Still I perfer Jesus Christ Super Star to this.
Well, now that I have sort of bashed this thing, I need to say I think my views about this movie are in the minority. It seemed everyone in the theater was blown away by the movie.

Thursday, February 26, 2004



First things first. I didn’t cry. Everyone else I know cried. Does that make me a monster? The closest I came to crying was when Joseph of Aramathia was ripped away from his daughter to bear Christ’s cross, and I had a near tear percolating in my eye over the inhumanity of the whole ordeal Jesus went through, but nothing came.
The scourging of Christ was intense. When they turned him around to beat the front of him I was sure my heartsurgury scars were going to burst open. As I said intense.
I’m not going to lie, the evilness of the roman soldiers was over the top. They were like those bad guys in Chuck Norris movies, you know the kind “He he, I’m going to put razorblades in the candy supply of the world HAHAHA! I’m EVIL Hahaha.” To me realistic crucifiers would have been much more powerful, then I could have fully put myself into the shoes of the murderers of Christ.
I’m not sure I liked Satan showing up everywhere. Maybe it is just that I’m used to passion plays where special effects can’t be used.
Another complaint I have was the destruction of the temple, I would have left it at the curtains being ripped, that is the image that always sticks in my mind, not the destruction of God’s temple, but the removal of a barrier between God and man.
I really liked the use of Aramaic and Latin, words like Dam, Elochim, Yom, and other Aramaic words that are about the same in the Hebrew. I also caught a bit of Latin, specifically near the end when the Romans were mocking Jesus.
I wondered a little bit about the portrayal of Herod, mostly because it corresponded so closely with Jesus Christ Super Star, right down to some of his servant’s action, hair styles, and even facial expressions.
Those are my initial thoughts.

Sunday, February 22, 2004

The Questions
1. On the question of Evil—Lets try talking about the nature of evil. Can one talk about evil without talking about God? That is a. Can we only talk about evil in the sense of it being what God is not? b. Can we talk about evil without admitting that it comes from God? Beyond that what is evil? What makes something good, something bad? Is it simply an arbitrary cultural value of the time? Are things evil just because God says they are evil or does God call something evil because it is evil? (Add any other thoughts on evil)
2. A speaker last night basically said the meaning of life is to be in relationship with God and to leave creation better than you found it. Is there anything wrong with this? Are there other meanings of life? Is the meaning of life subjective or objective? What is life’s meaning to you?
3. Are the Gospels anti-Semitic?
4. Is sin a choice or a state of being? By that I mean is sin something that can come out of human action or is it something that enters into human history?