Saturday, February 07, 2004

Check out CNN’s view of what is happening in Washington right now compared to AP! The two results really don’t mesh…
Here are the latest D+D questions
The Questions
1. Who is Jesus’ daddy? I don’t mean this in jest. What are the implications of the LORD God as Father, what are the implications of Joseph as father? If Joseph is only a step father how can Jesus be a descendent of David?(see G. Matthew) For that matter how do we reconcile the Genealogy in Matthew with that in Luke?
2. Can/should Christians practice typology (reading the Hebrew scriptures as analogous to the New Testament)? If this can be done to what extent, if not how do Christians read their Old Testament?
3. Most religious services include the singing of hymns? What does this add to a service?
4. Why is Song of Songs in the Bible?
5. To quote JB McLeesh(sp) “If God is God, can God be good? If God is good can God be God?” In other words if God is omnipotent and such and the world around us is the way it is is God good? If God is good can he be omnipotent and such?
6. What is an appropriate way to celebrate Lent, the season of 40 days in the wilderness, the season of remembering the death of Jesus?
Hey. Check out the primary results of washington so far. My boy Kerry is doing well, and so is Dean. Kucinich is actually beating some people! A very strange thing, not a bad thing, just surprizing.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Hey. I just found a non-bizzaro world version of my blog. Check it out, it is a pretty nice blog, a lot more coherent than mine.