Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Um... this is really bad.

he White House went ahead and reauthorized a controversial, presidential-power-grabbing program deemed illegal by the Justice Department, after trying to extract permission from a critically sick John Ashcroft who didn't quite know what day it was.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Did I mention I'm TTBA editor?


Short Story Sunday:Wiki-schools

Sometimes technology, politics, economics, and society at large, come together in such a way that they create out of disparate pieces something truly novel. Take for example Wiki-schools.
It was the year 2010 the Bush Era ‘No Child Left Behind Act’ had finally run its course. It had broken the backs of the teacher’s unions. Most public schools (in the American sense of course) were shut down. The private sector had moved in. Sadly ‘Teach 4 Les’ a Halliburton subsidiary, was doing no better, in fact much worse, than the old public school system. Then, during the historic Wiki-Warner GoogleTubeNews Corporation merger Rubpert Murdoch announced his company’s intent to enter the teaching sector.
That same year ‘Teach 4 Les’ went bankrupt when its CEO bought a Russian space ship and escaped to a Swiss asteroid along with all the company’s money. Wiki-Schools bought out the ailing and embarrassed company, and received all its no-bid government contracts.
Wiki-schools were ingenious, not to mention relatively inexpensive. For the first two years students were taught to read in intensive at-home one-on-one tutorials. In the third and fourth year students were moved to classrooms where they were taught basic math, science, and internet browsing skills. The remaining six years were self-taught. Students were given a laptop and introduced to progressively more advanced article links. They explored the vast Wiki-School database and in their third OS (Online Study) year were allowed to access non-Wiki sites. At the start of their fourth year of OS they begin contributing their own articles and their final two years consisted of a mixture of contributing further articles and correcting articles of their peers.
Within eight years of their introduction Wiki-schools had become the norm, replacing the few remaining public schools in the United States. Soon Open Source Schools (OSS) were the norm throughout Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland. Mexico followed suit in 2021 and the Eurussian Union made a similar program mandatory in 2025. That same year UNSP Secretary General Cameron signed the Education Equality Act, which required all Humans, both Planetary and Interplanetary, between the ages of 7 and 16 to be connected to an OSS by 2030.
This lead, directly or indirectly, to the two Homeschool-wars, the Great Crash, the 2nd Life Suicides, the creation of Internet Five, the Second Great Crash, the WOW/Gates War, and the creation of Internet Six. When all was said and done by 2040 equal education was universal.