Saturday, December 15, 2007

Two articles that make one think

So I'm not a global warming skeptic, though maybe I should be, but these two articles got me thinking.
So both the ELCA and the US government are now dealing with Global warming. I just hope it is done in a sound way, not in an indulgences kind of way. Reducing the amount of... for example heat in a Seminary dormatory, might be a better way to deal with global warming than buying global warming indulgences.
I guess I am innately contrarian, I don't exactly like orthodoxies be they liberal or conservative. Whenever a whole bunch of people get together and decide something is true they are going to leave some important truth behind in the process. That said it is probably a really good thing that the US has done a "uturn" on global warming.

Christmas not in the Reformed tradition

Nothing too interesting here, but I thought I'd remind everyone why Washington etc were able to beat up the German mercenaries hired by the British back in the day, because they, being good Lutherans (presumably) celebrated Christmas, while their reformed brothers here in the states did not.
That was your history moment, brought to you by "Historical Musings: history may not be amusing, but it can at least involve musing!"

Friday, December 14, 2007

Obama's "Knock out moment"

People are now comparing Hillary to a Supervillian and Obama to Superman. I'm not exactly convinced. She does come off as being overbearing, sort of assuming everyone's laughing with her, and I would say worst of all assuming BILL Clinton's advisors are HERS. His response to her cackle does deflate her pretensions. None the less, I don't feel if I was an undecided voter this would be enough to push me away from Hillary's camp and toward Obama's. I guess their political personalities are already so well known to me that this clip fits a pattern instead of defining the debators.
In short I am getting the impression that political writers are grasping at anything they can in order to find a fresh angle. Or maybe all the undecideds really haven't been paying attention and this was the first time they realized Bill isn't running again and that Obama isn't Christopher Dodd.