Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cheyenne, my home town, is in flames

Check it out!

How the US can keep China down

As everyone knows by now China and Russia are planning a joint military training exercise in July of next year. As everyone knows China's economy is growing at an astonishing rate. As everyone knows China is considered a strategic competitor with the United States. As everyone knows China has stolen quite a bit of military information and even technology from the United States. As everyone knows China and the United States could go to war of Taiwan. As everyone knows in the long term China is a serious threat to US global hegemony. So the question before us today is how does the US maintain it's single super power status and keep China from being one?
As strange as this may sound I've been thinking about this problem since I heard the buzz about China being a strategic competitor when my mother went through the Army Baylor program when I was in 9th grade. So I've been thinking about this problem off and on for the last... 7 years or so. In all these years I've found few people willing to talk about this issue, except Big Red from Cheyenne, who has concluded that China's culture is so ancient and superior that they deserve to conquer America, and the Little Hawaiian in Eugene who thinks we need to pre-empt them and it will be the mother of all battles, massive waves of Chinese against the best and bloodiest American technology ever.
Here are a few possible strategies.
1. Direct conflict- I don't think this is such a good idea, when I found out that Tom Clancy advocates this I stopped reading his books (that and I realized his writing stinks). Tons of people would die, and I think it would come to nukes. I've heard estimates that with our troops in Iraq China could get all the way to Iowa before we'd be able to stop them.
2. NUUUKKEEES IN SPPAACCCE- Quite simple, we stick nukes in space and establish some sort of space colony we can threaten to nuke the world and still survive. This would more or less be international blackmail. This would be really immoral.
3. Start a new Cold War- It looked like that is what Bush was trying to do before September 11th. Remember the spy plane issue at the start of his administration.
4. Destroy their culture- As I said Big Red thinks there ancient culture is what makes them so powerful, basically they have a national purpose that flows along for centuries if not millennia. The solution, WALMART. It will tear their culture apart faster than you can say McEggroll. Also this is already happening, Walmart is opening stores in China as it is.
5. Create strong alliances- I like this one... then again I liked Kerry too. It seems if a bunch of countries would side with us against China even if China is more powerful than us they wouldn't attack us since Japan, Germany and India would take China into a back alley and bust a cap.
6. Isolate China- This is the other side of the strong alliances coin if we are the lesser of two evils the world will back us. I think the Olympics being in China in '08 is a really good PR move for them, bad for us. We need to make sure people see the dissidents tortured in China.
7. Carve up the world- As you may remember Portugal and Spain called on the pope to cut up spheres of influence in South America, maybe a Lutheran Bishop could do the same for China and the US.
8. Strengthen our own culture- I like this, invest in education, literature, religious unity. Basically make ALL Americans feel like being an American is a good thing.
9. Wait for a balance of power- Other nations will be becoming powerful as well, Brazil, the EU, Pakistan, India. They can balance out both our power and Chinas, so maybe no one will go to war.
10. Mess with the global economy- As you know China has tagged their money to the dollar, so we can't get a fair deal from them. Maybe we should tie the dollar to the Euro so it would force them to take a stand either with us or with China. (I'm not quite sure this works).

Tuesday, December 28, 2004

And in movie rumors "Choose again!!!"

Dan Simon's amazing Hyperium series is going to be made into a movie! Very good news for we Simons fans!

Mr. Missouri Synod knows something about quakes

Check out his Q+A session about the quake. Also, seeing as China and Russia are going to be doing joint war games next year around January or so I think I'll release my 10 broad based plans of how to keep America on top with China breathing down our necks.
PS the waves are going to hit Kenya where I might be going next year.

Monday, December 27, 2004

In light of the waves let's talk about the Israel Palestine issue

Well, I was going to unveil my 10 possible plans as to how America can stay as the only Super Power even with an emerging Asia, but as Asia has recently been hit with deadly waves I feel it would be in poor taste to do so. Luckly for you folks reading my blog I recieved an email from Kyla Knutson, the Gnostic who doesn't have a blog (as far as I know). It is about the new Geneva Accord for Israeli-Palestinian peace. If you feel like signing the petition here is the address.

As for me I need to research it further. There are things I still need to look up when I get back to Eugene were I recently found that the University of Oregon library has all the UN records from it's inseption.
Anyways, briefly here are the things I don't feel informed enough about to support.

1."Affirming their deep belief that the logic of peace requires
compromise, and that the only viable solution is a two-state solution based on
UNSC Resolution 242 and 338;
-I think a 2 state solution is the only way to keep Israel from becoming undemocratic and give the Palestinian people a voice, but I don't know the specifics of Res. 242 and 338.

2. "Declaring that this Agreement marks the historic reconciliation
between the Palestinians and Israelis, and paves the way to reconciliation
between the Arab World and Israel and the establishment of normal,
peaceful relations between the Arab states and Israel in accordance with the
relevant clauses of the Beirut Arab League Resolution of March 28,
-once again, I don't know what Res. March 28 is about.

3.* Israel will create a corridor for travel between the West Bank and
Gaza, which will remain under Israeli sovereignty and under Palestinian
administration and run in accord with Palestinian law
-This seems a bit messy, Israeli sovereignty but administered by the Palestinians.

4.* Jerusalem will become capital of both states. The Temple Mount and
East Jerusalem will be under Palestinian control and the Wall and West
Jerusalem under Israeli control. The Old City will be open, weapons
forbidden, free travel inside to all sectors guaranteed.
-I just wanted to mention that Tom Clancy advocates this in one of his military pornos (I'm demeaning his work in case you couldn't guess, like calling starwars a "space opera").

Anyways, if there is anyone out there with a strong opinion about this issue be sure to post away.