Monday, August 09, 2004

Camp, Al-Sadr and more on LUT

Well. I've been gone for a while. Went to Sky Ranch in Colorado. I've never been to a Christian camp before. It was really fun. Stayed up all night playing "chancy chancy" with a group of pastors. Went for a couple of hikes, got a bit lost, but found myself (by that I mean I think I'm going to Africa for a year between College and Seminary). Good times.

Here are my thoughts on Al-Sadr. I think he plans to get himself killed while praying at Ali's tomb. His last words will be "We must not allow infidels in this holy place."
Why do I think that? Because Ali was Martyred (he got his head split open while praying alone in the dark) while praying and his last words were something like don't fight on my grave. So I think that Al-Sadr, for the sake of a radicalized Islamic Iraq will allow himself to follow in Ali's footsteps. At least that is what I'd do if I was Al-Sadr.

Finally, there is the issue of Marxism within L.utheran U.nderground T.heology. I'll be brief. Marx saw "the Party" as a nursemaid to ease the "birthing pains" of the revolution. I say, likewise "the Church" is the nursemaid of the end times, for Jesus says "Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bore, and the breasts that never suck!" during "the days that are coming." (Luke23) Yet there shall be those nursing and birthing, and the church must be there to ease the birthing pains. Basicly, since we are in the inbetween times, the Already not Yet, we must prepare, and pre-figure what the Kingdom of God shall be like, yet still knowing that the Kingdom of God s to come.
So, to answer Brian C I'm not talking about tearing up the church and replacing it with Stalinism, I'm talking about intentionality and recognition of the time period in which the church is in.

One final note, I got a letter from one of the peeps at Christus house where I'm staying next year, the way things work out I'll be leaving Cheyenne on my 21st birthday (9/20) to go back to Eugene.
Peace all,