Saturday, October 02, 2004

Final post, hey, look at Saudi cats

A good site if you want an insiders look at Saudi Arabia.

I'm the Blog of the Week!

I have the internet again

Gotta love Christus House's wireless network.
So, back to the camping of a week ago. We ended up going spelunking(sp) it was great fun. Six of us made it to the bottom (by the way the only female of the group happened to be Lutheran, mad props to Eva!).
I've been through a week of classes. I've cooked for myself. I've gotten really good at making cheesesteaks (we'll I will be off in Philly in a year or 2).
Not much else going down, I need to clean the living room before tomorrow.
Oh, DEAN, I almost forgot. He was on campus, he kicked some butt, gave me a wink and a nod. Also, the debates, Kerry won, no doubt. Bush mentioned he was working hard 11 times. I think he was scared, and I think he was scared rightfully so.