Monday, December 30, 2013

My New Years Resolution—Goodbye Internet

I’ve decided to embark on an experiment. For the month of January I will go with limited internet (making exceptions for work related use as well as email).
A simple task really, before the ‘90’s it was just the way we lived, but I have found myself filling free time with hyper-link rabbit holes and somewhat obsessive (and probably distracting to those around me) peeking at my Smart Phone. In fact, I sometimes feel like, in an effort to multi-task, I’m training my attention span to be shorter than it need be.
Having read a few articles (ironically on the internet) about people doing this very same thing, it sounds like I’ll end up with quite a bit of extra free time and maybe I'll become more productive as a writer.
Then, reflecting on my experience of January, I’m going to continue with this experiment, at minimum making changes to my internet use, becoming a much more active user of the internet instead of a passive one, at maximum going the whole of 2014 off-line.