Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Clinton's warning to rivals via Bill

"I saw female lions go after warthogs while the male just laid there and watched. Which I thought was good preparation for my future, given this campaign, you know. Just sort of lay there and watch, you know... Right in front of our vehicle this female lion caught this warthog, picked him up by the back of the neck, and went like that and broke his neck. It was pretty gory. So much for peace in our time," - Bill Clinton on Letterman.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Rove's view of the Bush years

Bottom line, if Iraq turns out to be a Vietnam, he'll have done a bad job, if it turns out to be a World War Two he'll have done well.

When Bush Comes

In Tehran this is the equivalent to "when pigs fly." Essentially all of Bush's attempts to bring democracy and reform to Iran are causing further suppression of reformers and democrats. I guess Bush could assume he's forcing the Iranian regime to be so suppressive that reformers are forced to fight back?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

The real world and the cyber world meet

Today I had the distinct pleasure of meeting The Lutheran Zephyr at the playground behind my seminary flat. We hung out briefly, talked about the Seminary, his meeting his wife there, etc. It was cool, he’s a good guy.
The visit though, was also a little weird. No, Chris doesn’t have seven eyes, or three noses, instead its simply that we knew one another only through blogging previously. Blogging is, lets face it, a rather passive form of communication. You essentially throw this and that thing onto the web and hope someone else finds it interesting. This was face to face, and you realize there is a person on the other end of this computer.
Well, at any rate bloggings pretty cool. As you might remember I met Dan in Alaska a year ago, and now Chris D here in Philly.