Thursday, March 31, 2005

Bush to India, "Arise, take your rightful place in the world."

As far as I can tell this could be good, though I think the Weekly Standard doesn't take into account some serious Hindu Nationalism that's going down. Still, interesting, and good, though I'm still curious about Pakistan's view on all of this.

Da Questions

The Questions (scheduling for this term)
1. What is sin?
2. Why aren’t North American Christians Martyred? What should they do about the Martyrdoms going on today, for example in Africa? If “God demand’s mercy, not sacrifice, the knowledge of God, not holocaust” then is Martyrdom bad?
3. The Bible most of us read is a translation, what should we do about that?
4. What does it mean to, “become like God?” What does, “in the image of God” mean? What are the differences?
5. What was your religious background’s take on Terri Shivo(sp)?
6. If you end up in hell what will be your first thought? What will be the sin that got you there?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Best Easter since the original

Okay, maybe I exagerate, but it was good. Broke a 50 hour fast after the Easter Vigil service, then had Bread/Wine/Soup/Fries with Falk, Kyla K (Mohawk Kyla), and Kevin. Then today went to a wonderful easter service with Kyla K. Had breakfast at the church, then hung out at Christus house, discussed theology, philosophy, theory of knowledge, and all kinds of stuff. Then Kevin and Sarah joined our group and we wandered over to the Falks for Easter Dinner. Eventually Kevin and Sarah left, so it was just the Falks, Kyla, and I. We went for a nice walk to settle all the huge amount of food we ate. Then we hung out and talked about books and movies, and the Bible, and Tolkien/CSLewis, and all kinds of stuff until 11 or so.
I'm feeling really good, this was truly a joyful Easter.
The Peace of He who has risen,

He Has Risen