Friday, July 30, 2004

The Kerry Speech

It was good. Real good. He spliced some of his stump speeches together along with some of his political ads, sounded a bit JFKish and managed to speak faster than he normally does. Rumor has it spending all that time with Edwards is making him speak like a real human being! My favorite line was:
I will return trust and credibility to the white house.
As well as the:
"Help is on the way" refrain.

Gdub eat your heart out. Your message has been co-opted

Thursday, July 29, 2004

Hey, I'm still alive and such, not sick any more

I'm doing okay. Been writing some (short "Kafkaesque" stuff) and thinking about Liberation theology a bit.
I think the problem with Liberation theology is it's tendency toward realized escotology. That is why Lutherans are the only Christians that can handle Liberation Theology, we realize the Kingdom of God is already here, but not yet here. We don't fall into either the trap of thinking everything in hunky dorie(sp) nor do we think we have to wait until this apocolyptic thing. In short Lutheranism alone can carry the ideology of Liberation Theology upon it's backs and still be non-Heretical Christians.
Just a thought.
Peace, Love, Unity and all that Jazz