Friday, December 14, 2007

Obama's "Knock out moment"

People are now comparing Hillary to a Supervillian and Obama to Superman. I'm not exactly convinced. She does come off as being overbearing, sort of assuming everyone's laughing with her, and I would say worst of all assuming BILL Clinton's advisors are HERS. His response to her cackle does deflate her pretensions. None the less, I don't feel if I was an undecided voter this would be enough to push me away from Hillary's camp and toward Obama's. I guess their political personalities are already so well known to me that this clip fits a pattern instead of defining the debators.
In short I am getting the impression that political writers are grasping at anything they can in order to find a fresh angle. Or maybe all the undecideds really haven't been paying attention and this was the first time they realized Bill isn't running again and that Obama isn't Christopher Dodd.

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