Friday, January 28, 2005

4 possible futures

Take note on page 20 it states the 4 types of futures the CIA sees possible.
1. A more Asian world- Basicly globalization will eventually help China/India become an economic leader
2. US Hegemony-We are able to keep on top in spite of big changes
3. Islam stands up- The huge muslim population decides to transcend national boundries to excert it's power.
4. 1984- The world gets so anti-proliferation that everyone uses any means necessary to keep scary weapons away from scary people, including the proliferation of totalitarian states.

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Kevemay said...

Wow Chris, that is mildly depressing. Doesn't leave me with much hope. None of those 4 options would be my ideal world. I guess all we can do is our best. Keep spreading the word, Kevin.