Thursday, May 19, 2005

The Grand Debate

I was in a panel discussion tonight. It was between myself and three college Republicans. It was about bias on campus. It was odd, in the end the professor who was "moderating" the debate was kind of debating against me as well. I was fairly clear about my position, and then she re-framed the debate to be "The Wacky liberal thinks professors should be able to do ANYTHING and say ANYTHING they want at any time, the nice clean cut conservatives boys understand some things shouldn't be said in mixed company." A little annoying. Another problem was I was at the far side of the panel table so the moderator couldn't see me when I wanted to respond to something the R's said. Still, considering it was three on one with a biased moderator I felt I did okay. The only thing I am worried about is that the moderator was actually introducing the topic so she could compile a list of thoughts on Chuck Hunt a nutty Sociology professor on campus so she can get him fired. We'll see what happens.

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