Thursday, May 12, 2005

Mr./Mrs. Anonymous I'm sure you mean no harm

In way of preface, you insult me on a bad day, a day when I'm fed up and have had enough. I'm sure you don't mean any real offense, you are just cloaking yourself in the shadowy robe of the internet, ideologically masterbating in public. What you say though, is just mean.
The reason attacks like this are done in the darkness of anonymity is that people like you are cowards. If you wish to make a corrective confession do so in the light of day, nail your thesis upon the door, do not hide like a jackel. Name yourself!
I will say this aloud, in full view of all of Lutheran Blogdom, and before the Holy One Himself. I would prefer 1,000 "Sodomites" to wear the collar than a single wretch like you who attacks a fellow Christian. The ELCA is not a disease! We are the People of God doing God's will as best we can in the time and place we are at!
The darts you throw are not your own, but those of the Devil!
Good night,
Chris Halverson, a called Missionary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America, a servant of God, 100% sinner, 100% saint, a lover of God.
Here I stand. God help me. Amen


KD said...

What the hell was that all about?

Christopher said...

Some more conservative bloggers seem to think the ELCA is a disease, and by my going on a mission I am furthering the spread of such a sickness. I disagreed with the writer. I felt he/she was just name calling, and doing so anonymously, which is something people do too often, and all it does is create division amongst the Church.

Anonymous said...

I believe masterbate is spelled masturbate.

It's what a lot of your homosexual pastors do with one another, so you better learn to spell it right.