Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Jet Lady/Jet Lag

Well. Made it to London, but not without a scare. A woman on our plane from Chicago to London went crazy when we got over the Atlantic. She attacked stewardesses, threw trays, shouted that they were sending her to prison, and had to be then escorted away by cops when we landed. It was interesting because one of the lessons we focused on at our retreat event was Jesus with the Demoniac. This woman was acting like one. I was worried she'd open up a emergency hatch or something. All a little scary and I didn't fall asleep on the flight.
Then we got to London, go through customs etc. We left Chicago at 5pm or so, arrived in London at 7am. So was very jet lagged.
That's about it. I'm safe.
Oh, one last thing, it finally hit me that I was going to a foreign country to live for a year when I was on the plane and asked for Tomato Juice, the stewardess pronounced it "Tamato." A very small thing, but that was the point when I finally realized I'm really off.

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