Tuesday, August 16, 2005

When David Duke is on your side you know something isn't quite right

That Lady camping in Texas is accusing Bush of making her son die for the sake of "A Jewish Cabal." Now David Duke is anti-war. It is worrysome when David Duke, Pat Buchannen etc. are siding with the left. Of course some argue it is a temporary alliance with the left by the Paleo-cons to oust the Neo-cons. I don't know about that, but I do know that I feel kind of dirty.
It reminds me of the first anti-war protest I attended where I nearly got into a scuffle with a family of anti-semetic anarchist over the idea that there was a "Jewish conspiracy" controlling America. That these "regressives" (as opposed to progressives) are siding with us makes me feel kind of bad about my position on the war.
I don't think Bush went to war over oil, but because America was still hurting from 9-11 and needed something more to smash (as Afghanistan was too easy) to make us feel like we'd done something. So he justified this emotional response to tragedy by saying there was WMD and that creating democracy will subvert radical Islam.
Sometimes I want to become a Neo-Libertarian, an advocate of free market practices, small government, and Liberal values, by all means necessary.
Then I stop and think about how much I hate Ayn Rand and how much I realize much of Libertarian values, both right wing and left wing, are hedonistic. Left wing Libertarianism leads to no nobeler vision than legalization of drugs, right wing Libertarianism leads to nothing more than corperatism...
That was a wandering post.

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