Thursday, September 25, 2008

A thought about Squirrels and Seminary ethos

I've been thinking about squirrels. Why dear readers have I been thinking about squirrels? I'll tell you!
During my Undergraduate at U of O our online resources were called "Duckweb." This was because our athletic mascot was Donald Duck(yes we stole him from Disney and there is nothing they can do about it! Hahaha!). At University of Cambridge our Webmail system was known as "Hermes," as in the Greek God of messages/boundary crossing. This fit with the schools classical ethos quite well.
Now, good readers, I ask why does my Seminary have "Squirrel-mail?"
The obvious answer is that LTSP has a bit of a Squirrel infestation and they are as tame as angry Chihuahuas on speed.
Another answer is that we as Seminarians have so identified with the little human-esque animals that we notice them standing in the Orans position or hands folded over some piece of food as in prayer, that we've allowed them to, in some pre-modern sense, represent us.
Just a thought.

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