Saturday, September 12, 2009

My Baltimore Baptism

Well, when I realized I was coming to B’more I prayed to God that I would be shaped and changed by my experience here. Prayers are being answered I suppose.
So far I’ve seen the aftereffects of a shooting and the massive show of force by the police that followed (including what nearly was the wrongful arrest of a youngster), and the further alienation of the neighborhood toward the cops that followed. I’ve turned a man away from the church doors who was asking for money. And now I’ve been mugged less than 12 feet from my apartment.
One of my parishners said it best, “this is your Baltimore Baptism.”


Krisztina said...

I hope that incident didn't shape you too much physically, Chris. May our God bless you with some happy moments next week

Christopher said...

I'm hanging in there. I guess I will be completely sure if I want to do urban ministry or not by the time I'm done with all this!