Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dinner with Grandma--a Children's sermon Mad Libs

Names: 1 and 12
Animals: 2, 7, 8,9, 11, 14, and 18. Number 11 has to be an animal 1 would be afraid of
Food: 3
Sound: 4
Baltimore sports team: 5
Elementary school: 6
Street name: 10
Color: 13, 17
A subject in school you didn’t really like: 15, 16
A song: 19

Dinner with Grandma

( _____1______ ) was a (__2___). He had just moved to Baltimore with his mother (_____).
They’d packed and packed and packed.
Then they drove and drove. And finally they made it to Baltimore.
“Mom, I’m tired,” said (__1___) as he put down the last box in his room, “and I miss my friends.”
“I know dear, change can be hard, but we’ll make it through. And tomorrow night we’ll have dinner with Grandma. And she’ll prepare your favorite food (__3___).”
And that night (_1____) cried himself to sleep. The new apartment was strange and scary. Outside there were loud (__4___) sounds and he could hear his new neighbors talking about the Baltimore (__5___).
“This is scary, but I’ll see Grandma tomorrow and that will be good,” he said to himself and fell asleep.
And the next morning was (__1___)’s first day of school. The bus droe him to (__6___) Elementary School. (___7__),(___8__) and (__9___) all sat on the bus with him, but he didn’t know any of them. So he sat alone.
“I’m lonely, but I’ll see Grandma tonight and I know Grandma loves me,” he said to himself as the bus bounced along (__10___).
And then he got to class. He sat in the back of the room behind a (__11___) who looked mean and intimidating.
“I’m intimidated by this (__11___) in front of me, but I’ll see Grandma tonight and I know Grandma loves me,” he said.
Then Mr. (__12___), a giant (___13__)(___14__) came into the room.
Mr. (__12___) said, “Good morning class. Is everyone ready for their MSA?”
(__1___) had never even heard of an MSA. But before he had a chance to raise his hand and figure out what was going on Mr. (_12____) was passing out bubble sheets and pencils.
“Paragraph 2 of this section is mainly about blank…” “Look at the expression below 12+4x(12-9). What is the value of the expression?”
“how should I know?” he thought.
“I am so confused, but I’ll see Grandma tonight and I know Grandma loves me,” he told himself.
And, remembering that his Grandmother loved him, (__1___) was able to make it through the day. He made it through (___15__) and (__16___), he even talked to a (__17___)(__18___) on the bus ride home.
And when he entered the apartment building he could hear his Grandma singing (__19___). And when he opened the apartment door he could smell (__3___) in the air. And then there she was! Grandma! She smiled, looked down at him, and said, “(__1___), I love you!”

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